XFX R9 290X Double Dissipation Overclocked


Mar 25, 2003
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Hard OCP have reviewed the overclocked XFX R9 290X Double Dissipation graphics card - let's take a look:

"In today's evaluation we are going to look at the XFX R9 290X DD Edition in a more granular way. We will be looking at overclocking the XFX R9 290X DD Edition with in-depth testing done to ensure a 24/7 stable overclock. In addition, we will be taking two XFX R9 290X DD Edition video cards and overclocking these both while CrossFire is enabled to find out how two cards overclocked improve CrossFire performance as well.

Therefore, we will be looking at single-card advantages, and CrossFire advantages. This will be the second AMD R9 290X GPU based video card we have spent a lot of time with overclocking. The first was the ASUS R9 290X DC2 OC. We are interested to see how the two overclocks compare, so we will be making references to the ASUS Overclocking evaluation."

Read more here.

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