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Mar 25, 2003
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Becky submitted a new article:

Xbox next-generation console rumours - Two new consoles are slated to launch in 2020

We previously reported the rumour that Microsoft would be launching a new line of Xbox consoles, codenamed project Scarlett. Windows Central have been looking into the rumours in more detail, and it appears that there will be a disc-less version of the Xbox One (slated to launch in Spring 2019) plus two next-generation consoles in 2020.

Jez Corden reports that...

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sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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I have an Xbox One S which you can now buy with a couple of games for £200. Can't remember what I paid for mine some time ago but it was more than £200.

The Xbox One X currently sells for around £400 with a couple of games. Looking at the advantages the X has over the S I don't think it's worth me paying 400 quid for the X version, I'd probably only get 80 - 100 part exchange on the S as well.

I'll keep an eye on developments but it will take a lot for me to change

And to be honest I only rarely play games on my Microsoft console, the greater majority of my gaming time is spent on the PC. Just bought Forza Horizon 4 for £38 (standard vanilla version) but I notice this game can now be had for £30 in GAME shops.

Tis a good racing game though, very good.

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