X800 Question



I own a X800 Pro and it seems like in some games FSAA works fine.. like in
UT2004 I can crank it up to 1024 with 6xFSAA and it runs great.. but on some
older games... like Beyond Good and Evil... I can't get FSAA to kick in. Is
this in the game itself.. or does it have to do with refresh rates or
what... FSAA in newer games like Halflife2, Starwars Galaxies and UT2004
runs great though. I have all newest versions of ATI's drivers as well as DX
9.0c.. WinXP SP2. Please shed some light on this.. I know in Medal of
Honor: PA, the devs forced FSAA off. So, that explains that one. I also
downloaded the PC demo of Halo and I had the same problem - no FSAA.


Athlon 64 FX-53
X800 Pro
WinXP Home SP2


I'm not familiar with that specific game, BGE, but I have seen some in the
past that refuse to AA even if forced from cp. Your RR shouldnt effect
ability to appy AA at all from my understanding of things.It may very well
be like MoH. Have you checked the games forum? Maybe others have reported
same or found a way around it. All your software/drivers sound current so
suspect is nothing wrong with your system if that was a concern.

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