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Hello folks, I had done this before, but for some reason it is not working

I create a new stationary, wich is a simple webpage with a picture.

However, after I do all the steps, you can see right on the "preview" window
when selecting the page, that the picture has been replaced with that red X.

In another words, the picture does not show.

Here is the code of the page:


<title>Gondar Electronics</title>

<body style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt; font-weight: bold"
<p><img border="0" src="GEMAIL.JPG" width="554" height="48"></p>


I got no idea why this is happening, I tested on my Outlook 2003 on my
Windows Server
then on my Windows XP. and I get the same, a white page with no picture.

The picture and page are on the same folder.


PS: If you open the page from IE the picture will show.



neo [mvp outlook]

You placed both files (HTM & JPG) in \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft


Nope, the first time I did this, Outlook ( 2003 ) imported the files into
his ( that folder )
also, the page did show, the picture is the one that does not show.




Ok Neo, I was experimenting here after posting my previous reply to you
and I noticed that the oldone, that I instruct Outlook to erase, still was
Not the page ( it was a blue one ) but the name on the list.
Also, the list show another Stationery with the same name, the newone
that I just copy into the folder as you said before.
After removing the oldname and a couple of clicks on the new name
the preview show up the picture.

So the problem was with the old one on the list.
( Or the PST file )

The first time I did this, I dint have to copy anyhing, Outlook did a copy
of the page & picture, I know this because I got a folder named Workarea
and fromt there Outlook imported, also it become part of the PST file
since another time that I clean my pc, after importing the pst file, there
was the stationary. I dint have to imported again.

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