WTD - Cable to connect cover to base of Acer 1240UT Scanner




My father purchased this scanner about 4 years ago. It works fine until you
try to scan negatives/transparencies. The cable that connects the base to
the cover with the backlight has a pin broken where it plugs into the base.

The cable is 9 leads and has a 2 x 5 connector at one end and a 9-pin male
Mini DIN connector at the other. It is about 10 inches long and has a
molded plastic mechanical connection where it goes through the cover. One
of the pins broke off the MD connector so I need to replace that. I have
bought a connector but am unable to determine how the leads are connected.
There was a lot of wax used to keep the leads separated to the back of the
connecter and when I melted that, everything came apart too quickly.

I contacted BenQ to get a replacement cable. BenQ says scanner is out of
production and cable must be bought as part of whole transparency unit
which will end up costing more than scanner did. Also no schematic is
available - proprietary information.

I would really prefer a replacement cable but if I can get a description of
the colour codes used to connect to the back of the MD connector, I may be
able to get that to work.

For the record, I did get another scanner (Visioneer 8520) from ebay that
would scan negatives and 35mm slides but the negatives were limited to a
maximum 35mm. I have about 200 old negatives that are about 65 x 110 mm
that my father would like dearly to scan.


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