WSUS update


test windows

hello on my serveur W2003 i have installed WSUS, , i hace configurerd
automatic updates by GPO, on the configure automatic update i have selected
option 4 (auto download and schedule the install), i have specified intraneet
microsoft update location HTTP://nameofmyserver in the set intranet update
and set intranet statistic.
when i go to the ite intranet, i create a group computer named test and move
my client xp in it.
on the update, i choose security update for XP KB......, change approval to
install, in the client xp i run wuauclt.exe /detectnow....finally i didn't
see any notification for update, and it seem nothing was installed.
when i go to wsus site to check on the computer, and spcify the view only
installed nothing appears....thank you yfor your help

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