WSUS Offline error?

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J. P. Gilliver (John)

I started it when I went to bed, and according to the log, it started
around 1:22, running until around 2:59, but ended with "Error: File
integrity verification failure"; the last section it was doing was "wxp

I just re-ran it, and it ran from about 7:20 to 7:27, this time giving
the same message when it was doing section ofc glb - which it had
completed earlier (1:23 to 2:53). The tail end of the DOS window looks
like this:

Renaming file ..\client\msse\x86-glb\nis_full.exe to nis_full_x86.exe...
Cleaning up client directory for Microsoft Security Essentials...
Verifying digital file signatures for Microsoft Security Essentials
Creating integrity database for Microsoft Security Essentials files...
Verifying integrity of Windows Defender definition files...
hashdeep.exe: hashes-wddefs.txt: Unable to identify file format
hashdeep.exe: Unable to load any matching files.
Try `hashdeep.exe -h` for more information.

ERROR: File integrity verification failure.

Press any key to continue . . .

What does this mean? (In words of few syllables please - this bear of
little brain only has a vague understanding of how wsusoffline works
J. P. Gilliver. UMRA: 1960/<1985 MB++G()AL-IS-Ch++(p)Ar@T+H+Sh0!:`)DNAf

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