Longest time to install an update?

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J. P. Gilliver (John)

I'm just letting an old system update itself, and wondered what's the
longest time anyone's ever experienced for an update to happen: I don't
mean the "downloading" phase, I mean the "installing" one.

(If anyone's interested, it was "Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4
.... KB2468871. Definitely over half an hour, and that only after I
started noticing. If it makes any difference, I _had_ aborted it
earlier, as it seemed to have stopped - no disc activity.)
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I currently do not have that one installed, but some updates in the past
already took several hours, so half an hour is definitely too short. If
it about to take a long time, do not forget to disactivate your security
products, as you would not like to have to launch it another time for
that reason. Despite I rather have such problems with updates for Office
2007, against Online Armor.

Right that we should appreciate some indications about the durations
before the install ...

Give it the time either to install successfully, or to give you an error
code, probably in the event viewer of the admin tools in the config panel.

Launch it when going to sleep seems a reasonable time.

If you have an error, search for its number on Internet along with the
update number. A search about that update number gives some results ...

J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote, on 22nd March 2014 13:03 UTC + 2 :

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