wrong sorting


Mona Antoun


i am trying to sort a report on 3 fields: field1, field2,
field3. when i open a report and use the "sorting and
grouping" to sort on field1, field2, field3, i have a
certain result (A-11-DD, A-12-DD, A-120-DD, A-121-DD, A-
13-DD). but when i introduce a grouping on field1 and
field2, the sorting on field3 gets mixed up. (A-11-DD, A-
120-DD, A-121-DD, A-12-DD, A-13-DD).
i could use any help to understand what is going on.
thank you.

Jeff Boyce


Without a clear idea of what you have in field1, field2 and field3, it's
going to be a bit tough to troubleshoot.

And do you have one grouping ("on field1 and field2" somehow concatenated),
or two groupings ("on field1 and [on] field2")?

More info, please...

Jeff Boyce
<Access MVP>


Thank you for your help.

Field1 contains departments (i.e architecture,
electrical, ..). Field2 contains project numbers (i.e.
J0274, L9550, ..) and Field3 drawing numbers. the list of
values in my first email (A-11-DD, A-12-DD, A-120-DD, A-
121-DD, A-13-DD) are the values in field3, as entered by
users (no concatenation or processing of data).

i have 2 different groupings: one on departments and
another one on job numbers (no concatenation for

the weird thing is that when i run the report before any
grouping, just by sorting on department, project number
and drawing numbers i get a different result than when i
introduce a grouping on department and a grouping on
project. the drawing list becomes sorted as follow: A-11-
DD, A-120-DD, A-121-DD, A-12-DD, A-13-DD.

thank you again

Jeff Boyce


When "numbers" sort as 1, 10, 11, 12, 121, 13, they're being sorted as text.
If you need "A-11..., A-12 ..., A-13... sort order, you'll have to have
those numbers (11, 12, 13) stored (or extracted and converted) as numbers,
so Access can sort numeric.

Whether this solves your "group by" issue, I'm not sure.

Good luck

Jeff Boyce
<Access MVP>

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