Sorting on the value of a text box in each record?


Kevin C Niven

I'm trying to sort a report on the value of a text box. The value of
the txt box is built up of a number of IIf statements that together
create a string from a number of fields from my query. The string
ends up looking like:


But, if Field2, say, is null, then the string looks like:


and so on...

So, the value doesn't come directly from the query, but it is built up
from fields in the query.

My problem is I want the report to sort alphabetically on this created

The way I've done this is by grouping on the expression:


And sorting ascending.

But my report is not sorting correctly (more or less randomly). I'm
not sure why.

Can anyone suggest anything?

By the way, if I try simply grouping by Field1, then Field2, then
Field3, etc. I get, first, all the records that have four of the
fields null, then all that have three null, two null, and so on...,
which is not what I want. I want each character in the string to be
the next considered in the sort:

So I want it to sort like:


Many thanks,


Are you using the reports Grouping and Sorting function on you querys
calculated field?

Duane Hookom

The value for sorting and grouping must come from the report's record source.
You can't reference controls on the report.

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