Write a DNS server in vb.net



Hi everyone,

I apologize for this question being so vague, but all I've found on
the internet so far is dns update utilities. Does anyone know of some
code samples for writing a DNS server (something that could replace
the DNS server is 2003) using vb.net? I would like to create a DNS
server that could redirect certain URLs to a URL of my choosing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




Tony Wissler

I don't have an exact answer to your question, but I have a couple possible

If you are familiar with C or C++ you could look up some of the open source
dns server solutions out there; download and dig through the source code
that's available and perhaps use it as a model to write a port to VB.NET.

Also, as a no programmatic possibility...

If you have direct access to the hard disks on the pc(s) you can accomplish
what you want by simply adding or edit the existing HOST file or LMHOST file
in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc directory.
This could prove troublesome however if those mappings will be changing
frequently. But then again, you could write an application that will auto
copy the file to the pc(s) to automate that a little.

Again, just a could suggestions.


Tony Wissler
(e-mail address removed)

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