DNS config on 2 DNS servers on same subnet



I am hoping someone can verify some settings for me where DNS on a 2000
server is concerned. We have 2 DNS servers for redundancy. ServerA's IPCONFIG
has it point to itself first for DNS and then to ServerB's DNS server for
internal resolution. ServerB IPCONFIG has it point to itself first for DNS
and then to ServerA's DNS server for internal resolution. Is this correct?

Second question, should both DNS servers be pointing to external DNS servers
for external resolution or ServerA one point externally and ServerB point to

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


OK, I understand the TCP/IP settings, however, there is nothing stated about
the best practice for the forwarder of both Servers. Should I have them BOTH
pointing to the DNS of our ISP, or have ServerA point to the ISP DNS and
ServerB point to ServerA

Meinolf Weber

Hello Talbright24,

A FORWARDER for internet access has to be configured on the DNS server properties
in the DNS management console under the FORWARDERS tab on any server. Do
NOT configure an external DNS server ip address on the NIC, this will result
in lot's of domain internal problems.

If you read this article:

How to Configure Forwarders
Windows Server 2003 can take advantage of DNS forwarders. This feature forwards
DNS requests to external servers. If a DNS server cannot find a resource
record in its zones, it can send the request to another DNS server for additional
attempts at resolution. A common scenario might be to configure forwarders
to your ISP's DNS servers. 1. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools,
and then click DNS.
2. Right-click ServerName, where ServerName is the name of the server, and
then click the Forwarders tab.
3. Click a DNS domain in the DNS domain list. Or, click New, type the name
of the DNS domain for which you want to forward queries in the DNS domain
box, and then click OK.
4. In the Selected domain's forwarder IP address box, type the IP address
of the first DNS server to which you want to forward, and then click Add.
5. Repeat step 4 to add the DNS servers to which you want to forward.
6. Click OK.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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