Workstation Service being stopped



The workstation Service is being stopped which is also causing other
failures in Service Control Manager and Perfnet (I've checked Event
Manager). Any ideas - I've tried starting Workstation manually but it won't
let me, chucking out the following message "Windows could not start the
Workstation on Local Computer. For more information, renew the System Event
Log. If this is a non-Microsoft sevice, contact the service vendor, and
refer to service-provider error code 2250."

Any help on this would be greatfully appreciated. I haven't come with a
solution using Google.

Wesley Vogel

I can't find the relevant KB article right now, but you need to empty your
logs in the Event Viewer. Apparently one or all are full.

Open Event Viewer...
Start | Run | Type: eventvwr | OK |
Right click: Application | Clear All Events | Click: NO |
Right click: Security | Clear All Events | Click: NO |
Right click: System | Clear All Events | Click: NO |

NO in answer to, Do you want to save Application, Security and System before
clearing them? [[Click No to permanently discard the current event records
and start recording new events.]]

[[After you clear a log, only new events will appear in the log.]]
[[When a log is full, it stops recording new events. Clearing the log is one
way to free the log and start recording new events.]]

To set event logging options
1. Open Event Viewer
2. In the console tree, click the log you want to set options for.
3. On the Action menu, click Properties.
4. On the General tab, specify the options you want.
Under Log size, select:
Overwrite events as needed

[[Specifies whether all new events will be written to the log, even when the
log is full. When the log is full, each new event replaces the oldest

Also see Help in the Event Viewer.


Clearing the log doesn't do anything, nor does telling someone to d
more searching by giving them a Google link. This error has to b
resulting from a corrupt file or missing regkey.

I have the same error after I imported the registry keys onto
computer that was missing the Workstation and its related service
(Alerter, Computer Brower, Netlogon, RPC Locator). Needless to say
those can't start without Workstation. I'm pretty sure I got all th
keys, did a search and export in HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services on al
keys related to "Workstation", but who's to say. I've seen a Microsof
link posted that has that you just replace the mup.sys file tha
resides in C:\windows\system32\dllcache and system32\drivers from an X
CD. I've done this and no dice. Done this 'WinSock fix
( with n
joy. I've tried a removal and reinstallation of the Workstation servic
with srvinstw.exe in Windows and sc.exe in DOS. I did have to instal
the File and Printer Sharing service, but that didn't do anything t
help. There was another article on Microsoft's site title
"Workstation does not start" or some such promising thing, but i
related only to NT/Win95/Win98, not to W2K or WinXP, talking about
Network section in the Control Panel and Bindings tab; though it ha
that it was for W2K, it really wasn't at all. I have seen posts sa
to enable NetBIOS, and I've done that, already.

So someone, please assist with a good response than just a run-around.
More than just myself and this other guy are affected by this error.
And don't ask how the issue happened - I don't know - I'm trying t
help out a friend who really doesn't know a lot about computers, an
they have no clue other than the possibility of an over-zealous frien
of theirs who is paranoid about computer security deleting out th
service from the registry.... I know they changed the admin accoun
name in the local security policy settings, so it isn't too fa

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