Word2002 - Adobe 6 conflict


Paul Axelrod

My company deploys Office XP utilizing MSI files for both OfficeXP
Standard and Professionl. We have just discovered that when
installing the full version of
Adobe 6, both reader and distiller, some unwanted side effects have
Upon opening a file from the New Document task pane, the task pane
does not close automatically. It must be closed manually.
I have done a bit of research. The only suggestion I could find was
to edit the DoNotDismissNewDocumentTaskPane key in the Registry.
Changing this key value only prevented the TaskPane from displaying
when launching Word.

It also seems that macros native to the Adobe package are interacting
with Word. This is dealt with by just checking the Always trust.....
check box when the macro warning appears upon launching Word. I would
not do this except for the fact that the macro warning only applies to

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to correct the task pane

Many thanks.

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