Word stuck in draft view



When opening up word documents on our local intranet, the page displays like
it is in draft view, even though it is set to print layout view. When opened
on a different machine with the same version of Word, it looks fine. Has
anybody seen this before?

Stefan Blom

Are you sure that the document isn't actually in Draft view?

Note that in Word 2007, documents only open in Draft view if "Allow opening
a document in Draft view" is selected (Word Options dialog box, Advanced
category). Try clearing that option on the machine where things don't work
as expected.


Yes, i'm sure. That option is already cleared. On the machine that works, I
switched it to draft view and it then looks like the document does on the
other machine, even though print layout is selected.


I got a couple errors about a bootstrap loader when doing the repair
initially, but I finally got the repair to run through. That fixed it. One of
the weirder things I've seen. Thanks for you help Stefan.


I had a similar problem where some how while I was typing it got stuck in
draft view. not wanting to reinstall I copied and pasted into a new document
but this also got stuck in draft view. copying line by line it only got stuck
when i pastes the last line. so I went back to the original file and deleted
the last line and then i could switch views.

I have no idea why this worked but I thought I'd let people know.


I have just had this same problem, although its only when I opened the
document after saving it (which it was perfectly fine when I saved it) but
now no matter what machine I try opening it on it opens in Draft View.

I have tried running a diagnotic and nothing is wrong. I have reinstalled
Office 2007 too.

I have SP2 installed and am using Windows XP.

Any suggestions would be greatful (this is a document I have been working on
for weeks and do not fancy redoing it)

Stefan Blom

If you are sure that it isn't actually Draft view (but just something that
looks like it), have you tried copying the text, minus the final paragraph
mark, into a new document? That seems to have fixed it for Bec (earlier in
this thread).

To show/hide paragraph marks as well as other nonprinting marks, press

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