Word Numbering



I have been reading post about numbering. I have set up Headings 1,2,3. They
are linked by the multi level list.
Heading 1 is set to be followed by Heading 2 which it does beautifully
Heading 3 is set to be followed by Heading 2 which it does beautifully
My problem is with Heading 2 which is set to be followed by Heading 3
My starting position might be
1.2, and I would want

I then press return at 1.1 (level 2), and i get the following
That seems strange, but weirder still is the fact that the new 1.2 claims to
be Heading2, except Heading 2 has already been defined not to be tabbed
across in that position. And where did the new 1.3 come from?
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Stefan Blom

Assuming that you are using Word 2007, I suggest that you do the following
to verify the settings for your multilevel list: Place the insertion point
in the first Heading 1 paragraph of the document. On the Home tab, click
Multilevel List, and then click Define New Multilevel List. In the dialog
box, click the More button to see all options. Verify that the styles are
correctly links to levels and that the indentation settings are what you
want. When you are done, click OK.

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