Word Issues: Linking from Excel in VBA



I have been working on VBA assignment since last
Thursdays, and these are the difficulties I am having that
my 3 books and my online sources do not answer:

I have been able to link my comboboxes to a range of cell
in my worksheet. However, my code is not processing and
rembering the values that were clicked from the combobox;
especially since after clicking on userform, I will be
repeating this process with different values located on at
least 10 other userforms. So, can anyone tell me how to
having my code remember these values? I will need this
value for when I generate a Word document listing the

3) End result: I need the values stored so I can generate
a word Report. I have written a code for this report
generation, and it does not work. Any suggestions?

Someone had suggested taht I go to: a VB .NET ng:

However, due to where I am located, I do not have access
to this ng. Please help anyone?

Thank you for your time. =)





When you unload a userform all the variables from that userform are lost.
I suggest you set up some Global variables in your module and use these for
storing variables that would otherwise be lost when you close your userform.

In Module - General
global ComBox1val As String
ComBox1Val =""

Before closing your form
ComBox1val = ComboBox1.Text

Do NOT Dim ComBox1val in your form


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