Word email attachment saved to "ghost" drive



Hello -- hope you can do what the IT jocks at my company can't. My wife was
working on a Word document (a term paper) that she had worked on on my office
computer and which I emailed to her at her home computer. She opened the
attachment and worked on it for several hours. When she finished it, she hit
"Save as," but did not scroll down to save it in a proper folder, say, My
Documents. Instead she just left clicked again. Now the document is "saved"
in some temporary drive that cannot be accessed on the hard drive. Any
suggestions on how to retrieve this "saved" document?

System platform: Windows NT

Thank you.



Tony Jollans

She's probably out of luck.

Outlook (2003 - may be different in earlier versions) creates a "Secure
Temporary Folder" called OLKnn (where nn is a hex number not necessarily 2
digits) within your "Temporary Internet Files" folder and puts a read-only
copy of the document in there. I don't know exactly when it is cleared out.

You may need to use a DOS Window to see the folder (if it still exists) but
if you know its name you can enter it in the address bar in My Computer or
Windows Explorer and any files still in it will show.

Good luck!


I just tried this and it worked for me on XP:

1. Open the attachment from the email again.
2. Then click "Save As:" again. (But don't save again or you'll overwrite
the previously saved document!!!)
3. In the "Save As" dialog box, note the default path for "Save In".
4. Cancel without saving.
5. Now drill down to the document your wife saved.
6. When I did this, the system defaulted to a folder called OLK35 within
"Temporary Internet Files". When I drilled down, that folder was invisible,
so I had to add "\OLK35" in the address bar.

Good luck.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

Also, if Word hasn't been closed, your wife may be able to open the document
from the MRU list and resave it in a more appropriate location.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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