word as mail editor - inconsistent



(I have also posted this to microsoft.public.word.mail)

I have been asked why certain emails have different print settings, it
turns out that the settings they like are those that word 2003 offers,
not what outlook 2003 offers.
They have word as the default editor for emails, but any that have
been received that are plain text open in outlook's editor, not word.
Is there any way around this? I've been searching the net for quite a
while, and cannot find any reference to this behavior.

The main issue they are having with the print options in outlook is
that it appears that you cannot select which pages to print (Other
than choosing "odd pages only" of "even pages only")
In most instances they only want the first page of the email printed,
and the waste of paper is rather annoying.

I assume this is the correct place for a message such as this, but
have not used newsgroups in years, please point me in the right
direction if I should not be posting this here.

- D

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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