Word 2007 - How to replace hardcoded numbers with list numbers?



In previous versions of Word, I was able to take a list that had hard-coded
numbers (e.g., from copying in from excel or a text file) and use either the
'bullets' or the 'numbering' command to toggle between bullets & numbers, &
that would replace the hardcoded numbers with either list numbers or bullets.
For example, I have in a list:
1.1.3. Line 1
1.1.4. Line 2
1.1.6. Line 3
I could select all three lines, then click the bullet command, which would
change to:
* Line 1
* Line 2
* Line 3
Then I could select them again & click the number command, which would get me:
1. Line 1
2. Line 2
3. Line 3

Any way to do this in Word 2007? Or some easy way to remove hardcoded
numbers from a list?

Peter T. Daniels

If each numbered paragraph is just one line, you can do a vertical
selection -- hold down Alt, then click and drag down the list of
numbers. They'll all get selected, and you can delete them with one
keystroke. (If your paragraphs are multi-line, you could select them
all and give them enough "hanging indent" -- by moving the lower left
triangle in the ruler -- to clear the numbers, and then do the
vertical selecting.)

Then select the list again, (restore the left margin.) and apply a
bullet style or a numbering style.

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