Word 2003 & Word 2007 concurrently?




Possible to have both Word (Office) 2003 concurrently with Word (Office) 2007?

Also is there a steep learning curve going from Word 2003 to Word 2007?

We have some document writers in our group that have Office 2007, but the
rest of us have Office 2003. I have to edit these Word 2007 docs, but I have
Word 2003. This has created some problems, as some docs are 400+ pages and
they use autonumbering, which gets thrown off in a big way, plus heading
numbering too that gets thrown off, whenever I open their (converted with a
converter already) files in Word 2003. So we realize I have to get Word 2007
in order to edit these 2 writers' files. Now, the customer (the Air Force)
still mostly all have Word 2003. So I'd like to hve Word 2003 as well as the
main document editor.

Can I do that?

Thanks much,

San Diego, CA




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