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I have encountered a problem in a Word 2003 project that I don't experience
in Publisher 2003 (for better or worse!).

I have set out a 7 page document with subject headers (formatted as header1)
at the top of each page but when entering body text under the first header on
page 1, all of the subsequent headers and lines move down one when I run on
to a new line or click 'enter'. When reviewing, this makes it all look
untidy and a pain to bring back to how I intended it to be laid out.

My question is; how do I make each page layout remain as intended? is there
a way to insert a break or other command that would effectively make each
page independent in terms of text flow?


Word does not "see pages" like Publisher does.
When you say Header do you mean Heading?
As you have entered the Headings, probably by pressing the Enter/Retrun
button several times, each press enteres a paragraph waiting for text to be
Use Ctrl+Shft+8 or the ¶ icon to toggle the view of the non-printing
characters and you will probably see loads of "backward" P, which is a
Pilcrow which signifies a paragraph mark.
So as you press Enter again, you are entering nother Paragraph, and hence
any content after the insertion point will move down correspondingly.
See: http://www.word.mvps.org/FAQs/Formatting/NonPrintChars.htm for more
information on the non-printing characters and how useful they are.
To correct what you are experiencing, you can format the Heading 1 style
with a Format attribute of Page Break Before (found under Format, Paragraph,
Line and Page Breaks tab), this will ensure that each Heading will start at
the top of a new page. Once you have this attribute asigned you can remove
all the superfluous paragragh marks.

Hope this helps


Hello DeanH

thanks for the help.

I used your method described below by opening the styles and formatting task
bar and right clicking on Heading1>Modify>Format>Paragraph and then ticking
'Page Break Before' and as my list was numbered, that placed each number 1-6
at the top of the following 6 pages and doesn't move while typing on the page
I am using.

As a result it spread the initial list (a sort of index of pages) I just
re-typed this list on page 1, numbered them again and altered the subsequent
page headings numbers to re-start at 1-6 (instead of 7-13) and it works!

Thanks for getting me there.

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