Word 2000 - Printing Text Boxes, text is not printing


Kelly Rae

I have a document that has a header page that is blank followed by 3 pages
of data that contain text boxes. The 3 pages are repeated each time for a
different person. My software populates data into these text boxes.

When this document is produced and I open it, it looks fine (it is saved as
..rtf). But when I print it, the first few pages of data are blank with empty
text boxes. The text that was in the text boxes has dissapeared.
But, the same 3 pages that are repeated, at the end of my document for one
person print fine.

I tried saving the document as .doc but this made no difference. I have also
entered in tools->options that the drawing options is ticked under the print

I am using Word 2000 and a colleague is using 2002 and we both have the same
issue printing the same document. However, another colleague using Word 2003
can print it fine.

It is really strange. I can send the document to you.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Kelly Rae

We only have the one printer in the office
I did however manage to solve it by removing the update links tick box
against the Tools -> options -> print tab

Stefan Blom

OK. I'm guessing that something has happened to the target of the link,
then, since it disappears when Word updates fields on print?

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