won't always recognize mouse, save refresh rate --XP



Have just reinstalled Windows XP. Then I began installing the updates after
service pack 3. Now, randomly, I have the following problems on start-up:

1. My refresh rate is not saved. I have a CRT monitor. Several years ago,
there was no problem with the refresh rate. Then, several years ago, I had to
have Windows reinstalled. The computer would not save almost any of my
settings--refresh rate, sounds. It would keep the Windows Classic display,
and it would keep the resolution.

Sometimes, I can reboot, and the refresh rate i have applied (85 hz) is
working. Other times (most times), it is reset to 60. I have found just one
piece of info about this on the net--that Windows XP defaults to 60 hz and
that there is a registry edit tool called reforce that will fix the problem.
I can't find the problem itself in my registry. (Also, weirdly, I did not
have this problem running XP for a number of years). Is this the only fix?
I have nVidia Geforce 6150LE, and I have not updated the driver because the
shop that installed windows for me said I didn't need the new driver. I don't
know if it would fix the problem and want some input before I change anything
(regsitry or driver).

2. I will boot up and it won't recognize my mouse (the mouse won't move) and
if I hit Ctl-Alt-Del several times, the task manager will finally appear, but
it won't allow me to use it. I can't click on it, I can't hit "E" to end
task. Basically, it seems it won't recognize my keyboard or the mouse.
Everything is just locked. So, then, I manually turn the computer off, which
I have been told repeatedly is very bad for the hard drive and which I have
had to do dozens and dozens of times with this computer. My mouse is a
plug-and-play, very old (and very good) Logitech TrackMan Vista.

BTW--computer is HP Pavilion a1540n running windows media center edition but
without all the unneeded HP crap on it.

What is going on here? I think it must have something to do with the Windows
updates. I want to get my refresh rate to stick, and I want it to always
recognize my mouse so that I do not have to keep manually turning off my
computer. I have tried to search the net for answers to these questions, but
have only found the reforce/registry editing info about the refresh rate.
Nothing to help me with mouse.

Thank you for any help you can provide, including possible ways to research
these problems on the internet.


Thanks for your reply, but it's not the problem. Have all latest updates. I
have gotten the refresh rate to stick by altering the registry.

But I still have problems with the mouse--sometimes it works, sometimes it
doesn't. If I reboot, it works. All mice now only need the Microsoft-supplied
drivers. This didn't used to be a problem, before reinstall.

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