I know ... I see the myriad of posts that go the other way ... what I do not
understand is why. My WMV clips look so much higher quality than in my
QuickTime Player Pro. And every place says I have to convert them to a lower
quality MPG file FIRST and then convert them to a QuickTime file. I need
QuickTime to be the end product even though they are a WMV file.

That WinAVI program that you mentioned John, it asks to download a whole
nother looking QuickTime program called Alternative in order to do something
with MOV files in the WinAVI program. Problem is to me is that "alternative"
program looks like a sure bet to bother the functioning of my QuickTime Pro
7.64 which already has problems. And I bothered to also buy the MPEG filter
from QuickTime Pro and do not even notice if it has worked. If it has by
allowing QuickTime to make a MOV from a MPG .. well the quality is crummy.

I already have downloaded so many conversion programs .. Prism and VideoMach
and now WinAVI and none of them is very clear at all when you do a search
thru their help files ... for MOV. So I am worried about installing this
QuickTime Alternative. Still have the same error message from MovieMaker
about not recognizing the CLASS and have had success at registering all of
the dlls. Well not ALL of them. What is it with those 3 that all look the
same? I have tried every version of this command to try and get those to
register .. why won't they?

C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\wmm2eres.dll
C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\wmm2res2.dll
C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\wmm2res.dll

But the 5 other ones do. But still Movie Maker does not recognize the Class
of the videos I give it to import. And what is also so frustrating is that
when I originate some pictures in Windows Movie Maker .. it goes thru with
creating the clip and the transitions and the effects BUT the player has not
worked once. Not once. It will never play a clip. It won't play the timeline
nor the other.

I am really frustrated ... perhaps now with all of these programs I do not
have any room for the clip player to play .. but it did not play even when I
had not installed all of these "conversion" programs. I figure now I have to
buy more programs although I have also bought the InterVideo editing program
AND the Intervideo Mpeg converter and Plus DVD program.

And the one that still I want to have work the most .. is movie maker.

So sorry .. guess my question is ...why is there nothing that goes from the
quality of wmv to mov. Even WMV to AVI to MOV is not that easy and quality
goes down from what it was in WMV. Why?

I like QuickTime Player alot .. the sequencing and the effects movie program
.... but it has no skins that are nice and the border that it always plays on
your clip is ugly. But that is a whole other story. At least the border in
Windows Media Player .. you can designate a color.

Sorry so long.

John Inzer

The following freeware can convert .wmv to .mov.

(FWIW...it's always a good idea to create a System
Restore point before installing software or updates)

Format Factory
(FWIW...you may want to uncheck
all the boxes on the final screen)

After downloading and installing Format Factory...
open the program and choose an Output Folder...
(this is where you will find your files after they are

Drag/drop your video clips onto the main screen...

Select 'All to MOV' / OK...

Click...Start...on the toolbar...

That should do it...

Good luck...


J. Inzer MS-MVP
Digital Media Experience

This is not tech support
I am a volunteer

Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk


Wow John thanks! You are great. Am sorry to leave such long posts. I realize
by now that perhaps my MovieMaker is "choked" by all of these other programs
associating themselves with file types and maybe that is why Movie Maker
STILL says that "Class Not Registered". I just left a long rant at another
Microsoft site saying that perhaps the player in MovieMaker is associated
with Windows Media Player???? Is it? Because I know this is going into
crossover ground but the dilemma I have with MovieMaker seems similar to the
fact that PhotoStory3 AS WELL as PhotoStory 3.1 BOTH don't want to import
anything either but in their case it is because the (horrible and control
freak) "playlists" in Windows Media Player ... don't seem to be recognized by

Is it just purely a memory problem why my MovieMaker timeline clip player
won't function. All of the clip players in all of the other players work.
Even in the recently downloaded converting programs which eventually I will
just take off. But MovieMaker clip player starts shaking and acting like it
is going to break .. while it is struggling to try and play even a succession
of graphics files. It will put in the transitions and I can import easy
graphics into it .. but even then it will not play a clip. It will create an
automovie. But then the Stop button shakes in the player if you try and play
that clip. Then if you try to save a movie file (under the File tab) it goes
thru the process to save a movie to your computer but at the end it always

"WMM cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the
original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving
location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space
available, and then try again. "

Always the source graphics files are where they are referenced from and the
computer is only barely filled up half way so that it has gigabytes to spare
in space.

Anyway I will keep on trying to find something about the clip player in
Movie Maker.

John Inzer

Truth is...the long messages don't help you...
most volunteers will not take the time to read them.

I suspect you have system issues that may require
a reinstall of Windows to correct them.

Good luck.


J. Inzer MS-MVP
Digital Media Experience

This is not tech support
I am a volunteer

Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk

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