WMV back to AVI



Just learning MM, and I bring in DV-AVI from camcorder into MM. After
editing, I have saved as a wmv file. And I can see it fine on Media Player.
But really want to make a DVD or VCD, like many here on this forum. I think
very few other programs can import wmv (I guess MyDVD can) to burn a DVD. So,
I guess one should always save as an avi to do this. My question: Is there
quality loss in converting back to avi from wmv? Lets say I'm going from High
Quality Large (one of the choices) wmv. And is the quality loss about the
same going the other way, avi to High Quality Large wmv?


Graham Hughes

Most of the quality will be lost going from dv-avi to wmv, there will be
more loss converting back, but it shouldn't be as much.


Go back to the project and re-save the movie as DV-AVI if
you wan't to put it on DVD. I use MyDVD and I use the DV-
AVI files to burn.


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