WMP 11 & Syncing to an Apple iPod nano?



I got an Apple iPod nano for my birthday and I just got a new computer. It's
Windows Vista and it has Windows Media Player 11. The problem is, I can rip
songs from a CD to the computer but I can't sync the music into my iPod. Can
someone give me advice? iTunes wont download, so I can't use iTunes. Anyone
have any suggestions?


Chad Harris

Hi Grim--

I've been using the Nano well via several Vista builds including the latest

1) I'm not clear why you cannot download Itunes to your Windows Vista box.
There should be no impedement to doing this whatsoever. What's the problem
with the downloading of the latest version of Itunes? Until you have Itunes
on the Vista box or drive, you won't be going anywhere with getting the
tunes to your Ipod.

2) While Apple plans to update Itunes with some Vista adaptation, many
people have no problem with it. Once you download Itunes, if you do, then
many Apple Ipod experts advise (plugging your Nano into your PC) to
*manually set the Nano to "disk," and simply change the drive letter of the
Nano to one far away from your other drive letters--say to X.

3) *You are going to have to use Itunes to get the music onto your Ipod.*

4) Traditionally it is said that you can't go from music on an Ipod to
Itunes, but therre are several 3rd party apps and an article from PC Mag on
how to do this:

Copy Music from your Ipod

How to transfer songs from Apple iPod to computer

5) There is more than one way for you to copy tunes from your Itunes to WMP
or vice versa if you are on a dual boot of say XP and Vista--drag and
drop--export, etc.

6) Once you have Itunes, you should be able to export CDs or cuts to the
Ipod. You can manually do this as well by opening up the My Music folder
and dragging and dropping.

7) You also might be interested in this plug-in, but you don't need it and
it's not free:
Sync WMP to Ipod/Ipod to WMP

Introducing MGTEK dopisp.



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