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Stubbo of Oz

Anyone using Windows Mail on a W7 machine?

Yes I am using it.

Google for "windows mail on windows 7" - stacks of references.

But I cannot find anything that WORKS for getting "mailto:" links in
web pages to work with it - if you can then PLEASE let me know!

Bruce Hagen

Anonymous Remailer (austria) said:
Anyone using Windows Mail on a W7 machine?

First, you need access to a Vista machine.

On the Win7 machine, find the "Windows Mail" folder in Program Files.
Rename it to "OldWindows Mail" as a precaution.

Using a Flash or CD, copy the "Windows Mail" folder in its entirety from
the Vista machine.

Go back to the Win7 machine and copy the "Windows Mail" from the Flash or
CD to a location in Program Files.

Open it and right click on the WinMail.exe file and send a shortcut to the
Desktop. Done.

An alternative.

How to Reinstate Windows Mail in Windows 7

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