With two columns of data, how to make header appear at top of both



MS Access 2003 XP Pro.

I have found out how to get my data to appear in two columns on a report but
as of right now, my header only appears over the first column. How can I get
the column over both columns?
Thank you

Allen Browne

Presumably you found the Page Setup dialog (on the File menu), and on the
Columns tab set up multiple columns?

On that tab, uncheck the box for "Same as Detail section."

Now you can widen the report width without changing the column width. You
can now repeat the label in the Page Header section, and place it so it
turns up over the righthand column.

(The Page Header is independent of the columns, i.e. it is printed across
the top of the page.)
Sep 26, 2019
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I solved it this way for Access 2019: Make the subreport's Can Grow property set to false. Shorten its height in the main report using the mouse button on the report's top/bottom edges. I got it to work this way once I had the number of Columns set to 2 inside the subreport's Page Setup dialog box (something I did while having the subreport itself open in Design mode--you can't do this while it's inside the main report's Design mode. Must close that and open the subreport individually to affect the right Page Setup.) BTW, on that Page Setup screen, I also set the Same as Detail checkbox off.
2019-09-26 (3).png

Note that the column headings must by repeated by you manually on the Report Header section of the subreport because Access won't dynamically repeat them for you on the second column as far as I've dealt with it (see my report sample in the screenshot below).
2019-09-26 (4).png

Here are my results (I blurred out some portions intentionally):

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