Wireless USB Mouse not working



I recently purchased a Dynex wireless optical mouse for my laptop running
vista. after installing the driver and software I can not get the mouse to
work. When I physically move the mouse the light on the receiver blinks but
the mouse does not move on the screen. I tried plugging the mouse into
another system I have running xp and have zero problems. Can anyone offer
any advice or help ?

Also if this is useful info ... When I open device manager and look under
universal serial bus controllers, the standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller
says it does not have enough free resources.

Thanks everyone in advance for your time and help.



Mick Murphy

Go to the Manufacturer's website and see if they have a Vista compatible
Driver for your mouse.
Does the packaging say it is Vista compatible?


Thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond. Yes the box says the
mouse is vista compatible. The product website does as well. To the other
question, I either have no other usb device plugged in or just one other.
I'v tried both ways with no luck.

I was on the phone with Dynex customer service yesterday and all the had me
doing was restarting my computer and ressing the connection button on the
receiver and mouse over and over. The only progrss is that the light on the
receiver now blinks green instead of red but the mouse still does not move on
my screen.

Any further help apreciated and thanks again for everyone's time.


I have the same problem with a Dell travel mouse on my laptop. The mouse
works fine until the laptop is shutdown or hibernates. When the laptop starts
up again the mouse doesn't work, even though the Bluetooth Devices control
panel says the mouse is connected.

What I did was: In the Bluetooth Devices control panel, remove the mouse,
then add the mouse. The mouse worked fine after that (until the next

See the knowledgebase article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/941996/en-us




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