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Dad over his head

I use wireless base station with my lap top that i use through the house both
my main computer and MY lap top are windows XP. My kids got laptops last
christmass with Vista. Now the problem is I use Micrisoft broadband utility
and it shows my laptop when im on line but dosn't show the vista computers
even when i know they are connected to the net.

Bill Sanderson

It has been a long time since I used that utility, and I can't recall how it
works--i.e. how the set of computers displayed is defined.

the microsoft hardware support forum may have folks who know more about this
than I can recall.

This may be as simple as the workgroup that the machines are set to use.

On Vista, click start, right click Computer, click properties.

there's a section on the right titled Computer name, domain, and workgroup
settings which should contain the workgroup name, and a change settings

On XP, this is in properties of My Computer, computer name tab.

You may well find that the workgroup for your machine is mshome, and that it
is "workgroup" for the Vista machines.

Try setting the Vista machines to mshome as well--or at least, get all the
machines using the same workgroup name--it really doesn't matter which you
chose to change.

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