WinXP network mapped drive problem!!!




I manage a 5 remote site network linked with 128 KB ISDN. Servers are Win2k
with SP4 and clients are Win98 and WinXP pro SP1 and SP2. I have a Master
Domaine controller on site 1 which validates logon process and stores data
for 4 user sites. The last site which is far away from the others, I have a
backup DC to validate and store data for the users of that site. So I have 2
logon scripts, the first mapped Home and network drive to Master Domaine
controller and the second points to the DC. So the users on the same site of
the backup DC are configured to connect to that server because of the low
speed links. With Win98 PC, it works just fine. But I had to upgrade some PC
from Win98 to WinXP on site 5 (which has backup DC) and except the home
mapped drive, the other mapped drives are set to the Master Domaine
controller on site 1 instead of site 5 which network data are stored. Why
does it do that with WinXP? How can I make sure that users on site 5 got
there mapped drives linked to the DC instead of the Master Domaine

Thanks in advance.


This sounds like sites and services are not configured properly, and the
NT5.x boxes are therefore using the home site.

Of course, this could well be DNS --as the 9x clients will use WINS
(broadcasts even) but the NT5.x boxes will be using DNS.

This also depends on how you have configured the logon scripts?

-- Check that the DCs are replicating, and that the clients (and DCs as
these are DNS clients) are pointing to the local DNS servers (usually the DC,
and by local I mean at each site).
-- Check that Sites are correctly configured, and the DCs are linked to the
correct sites.

If you run nltest / on one of the remote XP boxes,
which DC does it give you? Also run nltest /dsgetsite.

**NOTE: nltest is a support tool. Install the support tools from the
\SUPPORT folder on your windows installation media.


Thanks for replying. I'll then check this out. Logon script is a bat file.
You see there are 3 mapped drives in the script. One home directory and 2
other shared drives. The home map works OK but not the 2 other maps. They
connect to the PDC instead of the DC. So a user who's based on the DC site
should have all the 3 mapped drives connected to the DC but got the home
right, \\DCname\HomeFolder and the 2 others:
\\PDCname\Data and \\PDCname\programs.


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