WinXP boot issues: SafeMode ok; XPUser mode not!



WinXP Pro SP2
Laptop is Dell D600 1.5GB
Laptop 2.5" IDE 80GB drive ("A") cloned to IDE 160GB ("B") - 6 months ago
Laptop 2.5" IDE 160GB drive ("B") cloned to SATA 160GB ("C") today
EZ Gig II by Apricorn is cloning software

Drive "A" was cloned to drive "B" due to my need for more disk space in
April '07.

"A" works fine -still- but after cloning to "B" and working several months
I'm having issues with "B". I've cloned initial "B" onto identical "Bs" but
I'm getting a boot error when booting the Dell laptop. Sometimes a "B" will
work fine and other times I get hung at boot time right after I see the
"Windows XP logo" splash screen. I've done a check disk and sector check and
things 'look' better for a short term - sometimes.

When I cloned "B" onto SATA "C" for a new laptop (Fujitsu @ 2GB RAM) I can
boot into SafeMode with or without networking using the new laptop. Trying
to boot into 'normal' mode at one time gave me a 'OS wasn't registered' and
another time the new Fujitsu laptop hung.

1) I'd like to know how to solve the "SafeMode OK" but the "UserMode not OK"
on either the Dell laptop and/or the Fujitsu laptop.

Some of my thoughts are to reclone the 80GB IDE drive onto a 160GB SATA
drive and then replace the data partition (drive letter C) of the "C" drive
with the oldest data partition. The assumption here is that the boot sectors
(or whatever) of the "B" drives are bad for whatever reason. Hence, creating
the new system partition from the 80GB IDE drive (system partition is 49MB
here) onto the 160GB SATA drive (system partition for either the IDE or SATA
160GB drive is about 94.1MB) would eliminate the possible bad sectors on SATA
"C" (or for that matter a new "B")

2) What utilities are available to ONLY copy the drive letter C partition
assuming that the system partition already exists on the destination drive?

Comments, suggestions and direction appreciated!




Forgot to mention that the SafeMode was using Administrator and the XPUser
was a specific user with administrator rights and privileges.

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