Am presently using WINME and would like to up grade to WIN2000, however I
understand that I must first remove WINME and then upgrade to WIN2000.

Uninstalling WINME is an option in my uninstall/install function of control
panel, so when I uninstall WINME, will the PC revert back to WIN98SE?

Has anyone upgraded this way, would like to know if it's possible.



Dave Patrick

Correct, there is no supported upgrade path from WinME to Windows 2000. As
far as reverting back to Win98 (if even possible), IMO it's simply not worth
the trouble, given that you'll more than likely end up with an unstable OS
with all the remnants/ corruption left behind from the upgrade. Best to blow
it all away and go for the clean install.

To do a clean install, either boot the Windows 2000 CD-Rom or setup disks.
The set of four install disks can be created from your Win2k CD-rom; change
to the \bootdisk directory on the cd-rom and execute makeboot.exe (from dos)
or makebt32.exe (from 32 bit) and follow the prompts.

When you get to the point, delete the existing NTFS and or other partitions
found. After you delete the partition(s) abort the install, then again
restart the pc booting the CD-Rom or setup disks to avoid unexpected drive
letter assignments with your new install.

During Windows 2000 setup, at some point, will want to confirm the previous
operating system for the upgrade; at that point you'll simply insert the
qualified product install CD for it to verify. Then the install will

Check the pc, mb or hardware manufacturer's web site for the latest bios and
or Windows 2000 drivers for your devices.

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