[Winforms C++] - Design a GUI with multiple Winforms




I'm designing a GUI based on Winforms under Visual Studio .net. I'm
new to this dev environment and I have several problems.

First, I describe my GUI. I have a main frame who instanciate the
other Winforms . All these forms are in a namespace GUI (by default)
but i can't instanciate the child form if i don't insert lignes in the
stdafx.h. I have add my formx.h in this files and it works but i don't
think it's the right way to do this.

Second, I want to share methods from my Main form. I want to show my
form3 when I click on a button on my form2. Only my Main form take a
reference to the formx instanciated object, so i think that i only can
do this by making a methods in my Main form. The problem is that i
can't access to public methods of my Main form from my child form. I
have an error who says that "form1 is not a member of GUI". It's
strange because my Intellisense show me the form1 as a member of GUI
when i type GUI::...

Any help would be appreciated...


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