WinForms Application Design Questions



Hi there,

I am just about to start architecting my first Windows Foms
application. I have built a couple of prototypes to get up to speed,
but just wanted to run a few ideas by the experts!

I am looking at building an app that takes SharePoint as a backend
server and presents all the info to users via a desktop app. I want
this to be available remotely (not on the SharePoint server) so i will
create a whole bunch of web services to return the data I need.

I will have a bunch of components such as site lists, lists of
sharepoint lists/document libraries, list items, etc.

I thought that the best way of architecting this application would be
to have a whole load of ServerControls that run a particular piece of
functionality, such as a list of subsites or a list of lists/document
libraries for the Web selected in the list of sites. I also want these
to update at different intervals, so I would have the list of sites
refresh every 20 minutes or so, and list items every minute or so (this
detail is not really important now).

What I am thinking would be the best way to approach would be to create
a whole bunch of ServerControls that do their thing, and raise events
when something changes. The other controls can be setup to respond to
these events, such as a user chooses a subsite, the other controls
update to show the lists available on the subsite, or when a user
clicks on a list the Server Control that handles listitems updates to
show the items for that list.

Would this be a recommended approach? And would this make it easier to
break the application up into threads?

I have been playing around with .Net 1.1, but an considering doing the
development of the webservices and winforms app in .Net 2.

If anyone has any usefull tips I would be most grateful.





Mark L. Breen

Hello Mark,

Please see my post about a WinForms FrameWork that I am int he process of
creating, I do not think that I have anything to add to your project, but
you may have something to share ?

Thanks Mark

Mark Breen

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