WinForms and local DB


Harry Simpson

I've been doing ASP.NET and PPC apps for years now. I've gone back to
revive an old application that used Access.

I'm witing it in VB.NET in VS2003 as a WinForms app. What's the local DB of
choice to use with this type of app. Is it still Access? I'm really
spoiled by SQL Server and SQL Server CE. I've even thought how neat it
would be if I could make something like SQL Server CE local database work on
the desktops. I want a database I can distribute and install with the app.

What's the general direction now....could I slam a 750 record table into an
XML file from access and ship it for simple data access lookup?



Norman Yuan

Never heard of MSDE (SQL2005Express)?

OTH, if you only have 750 records (each record is not too big), you can use
XML file as physical storage and read all data in XML file into DataSet and
have the DataSet stay in momery when the Windows app is running. Nowadays, a
desktop computer with a lot memory is very common. A few MB data stays in
memory should not be a big deal.

Harry Simpson

That was kinda my take on that too Norman. I just need to be able to query
the dataset but I can probably do that with filters....


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