winform web-deployment (no-touch)



I found out that only using winform I can use the winword interop and
generate word document in the client machine and connect to a remote
database, so that I have made a winform application which accesses
winword on the client and a remote db.
Afterwards I wanted to use the no touch deployment but the winform
cannot anymore start winword on the client, and I get a security

Does that mean that I cannot use no touch deployment with this
winform, but I have to install it locally in each machine?



Fitim Skenderi

No, it means that you need to change security settings on each local machine
so the assembly loaded from the internet has enough access rights. To
changes security settings you can use different methods (you can use
caspol.exe, or .NET framework wizards located under Administrative Tools in
Control Panel, or you can do it programmatically) It all depends what type
of access have you got on local machines.

Hope this helps

Fitim Skenderi




I do something similiar with Word interop for spell-checking deployed over
'no-touch'. To solve the various security issues I have a *policy* file
that, once the user has accepted the end-user agreement, grants all the
necessary permissions needed to execute. I deploy this file thru a
downloadable .msi file. Yes, under this schema you still need to have the
user download an install, but once finished at least your future releases
and still 'no-touch'. Our no touch app is used by over 3K clients and we
really haven't heard any blowback from the clients about having to download
and run the .msi since they do so knowing that they'll never need to update
the application portion of the process.


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