I have a native win 32 application that uses a setup program to install
it on the users machine. I am getting ready to write another Windows
application and was thinking of using VS 2008, C# with SQL Server
Express or I can use an Access db. My only concern is how to deploy the
application. I know the users will not be thrilled about having to
download the .net framework 3.5. I am beginning to think for web
applications .net is great or in house winform apps, but for an off the
shelf winform applications, it may not be the best choice. Does anyone
know of any off the shelf winform applications? Any suggestions for
deploying a winform application?




Wilson, Phil

ClickOnce sounds like it might fit, if your clients all have web access. If
you ship CDs for an MSI-based setup the FW won't be a download anyway - -
just run the redistributable from the CD image.

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