WinForm App and TaskManager


Joerg Krause


I've a winform app and want to start the program without
beeing visible in the task manager on a Windows ME box.

I've seen some programs that start using the "Run" option
in the registry and not appearing in the task manager. These
programs are written in VC++ and I'm wondering how can I
do that for my C# application?

If this is not possible with an UI, can I write a background
process which starts silently to monitor the other app?

Remember, we're talking about a ME/98 box and have no
services available. The background is that I want to prevent
a user from killing my monitoring software in the task

Thanks for your ideas,




Ying-Shen Yu[MSFT]

Hi Joerg,

You may try the suggestions in this link:
Note it's C++ Builder code,a bit difference in grammar, but the API should
be same.
And I haven't tested it, since I don't have a win98/Me box around.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,

Ying-Shen Yu [MSFT]
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