WindowsUpdate for Windows 2000 isn't working and it makes no sense ... part 3



Ok, this is getting absurd ... but Ok ...

Found the Microsoft page:

Which gives 6 methods for resolving the problem.

Tried the first four and nada.

Method 5 has me stumped completely.

I have no cryptsvc to start or stop (system32\cryptsvc.dll does exist,

I have no catroot2 at all.

Don't know about method 6, not ready to do the safe mode thing just
now (maybe later).

What exactly did microsoft do that screwed all of this up so very
badly? They don't appear to respong to (e-mail address removed)

sigh ...


Robert Hinson

Didn't they stop support for windows 2000? And you have to have SP4 for
update to work.

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