Windows XP very slow after defrag.



Hi. I looked at the threads and did not see this one specifically. I saw
some about slow XP, but lots suggest doing defrag, which is why I am asking
you for help.

I ran a defrag on my hard drive, and now my system is so slow to boot up,
open applications, cannot listen to music, because it cuts out, etc. Any
suggestions on fixing this? Before defrag it worked fairly fast. I am
not trying to do a system restore, as I will lose all my emails, and work I
have had to do over the last 3 weeks. (very slowly )

I have a Gateway MX6450 laptop, 1.8Mhz, 80 gig HD, 47% used, 1 Meg ram,
running XP Prof SP2. I tried the steps Gateway had on their site: Checked
AVG for virus', ran spybot, ran ad aware, cleared trash, did disk clean of
temp files, then did msconfig and deselected non essential startup programs.
I have no Norton or Macafee items.

How can I get my speed back without losing my info?


Leonard Grey

Defragmenting a hard disk does not slow performance, so something else
is causing the problem.

System Restore does not affect user files. You can read about what
System Restore does and does not do in the Help and Support Center and
on the internet.


Look for files that did not defrag...specifically large AOL named files
thought not really AOL. Run Adaware and spybot and if they detect something
bad (tac rating)don't remove it now, go to safemode and rerun them then
remove the offender. Make a note of files affected or removed. If still slow
get "hijackthis" download and run it then post the results in a FORUM that
deals with such results not here.

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