Windows XP Home and cxqz.exe


Ands Allison

It seems my PC has caught a virus! This virus has wiped
out my .exe program association, so that when I click on
ANY .exe file, I get an error message saying:

Windows cannot find 'C:\program
files\ahead\aheadnero\nero.exe' Make sure you typed the
name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file,
click the start button, and click search.

I have downloaded a registry key which will apparently
restore the associations within Windows XP, allowing me
to open the EXE files once more, and then clean with

Only problem is, that I am unable to merge this registry
key into the registry. When I double-click the file it

Windows cannot find cxqz.exe. This program is needed for
opening files of type 'Registration Entries'.

Now I have seen cxqz.exe somewhere, but can't remember
where? Maybe I accidentally deleted it? I cannot reboot
windows as this requires running an EXE file. Can anyone
help on where to find cxqz.exe?

Does anyone have this file anywhere within Windows XP?
Perhaps I can download it somewhere?

Or is it possible, seeing as I do actually have a genuine
Windows XP disk and product key that I can actually gtet
Micrsoft to give it to me? Maybe they will tell me how I
can get hold of it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Cheers - Andrew

Mary Sauer

What is the virus? The cxqz.exe you referred to is not a Windows program. If you do a
search on Google without the exe extension you'll find the word in foreign entries. I
do believe it is part of the virus.

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