Windows XP drive mapping problem



Can anyone help me with this? Windows 2000 used to pop a password
box for a drive connected to a server in the DMZ. XP doesn't do that
so the drive isn't active until the user goes into my computer and
clicks on it. Then they enter the password and all is good.

This network of 20,000 users and over 125 servers. some in Active
some in DMZ's, was designed back in Win 2000 days when network drive
to stand-alone servers resulted in a popup box that clearly asked users
supply a user name and password for each resource accessed. Accounts
Active Directory have to change passwords every 90 days, but this can't
replicated to stand alone servers. Users can't change their passwords
standalone servers anyway, as they don't actually logon to the server.
WANT users to be prompted to supply user names and passwords to access
very secure boxes! But XP users simply get an unhelpful Mac-like
bubble, not
the good old pop up asking for user names and passwords. As usual,
fixed something that worked fine, by making it worse in the new


In principle I think this could be achieved with NET USE commands in a
console box. Not pretty, but it works.

A better solution would be an AutoIt script. (or possibly VBScript) This
would allow the users to enter passwords into GUI interface, and would then
map the drives with a system-call instead of a NET USE command. More work
but a lot more elegant.

If security is important, main thing is to ensure that the persistence flag
is off for a system call, or '/persistent:no' is added to the first NET USE
command. Otherwise the password wil be saved locally.

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