Windows XP Client and Small Business Server 2000 / Extended Fax Services


Peter Haider

Hi newsgroup,

i am developing an application with the extended fax services that should
work with both W2k and XP on the client side,
and Small Business Server 2000 and Small Business Server 2003 on the Server
side. I am using the fax server service
on theese servers.

When i am sending a fax from the client by printing it the the shared fax
printer from the server, everything works well -
so XP on the client and W2k SBS on the server communicate.

By using the extended fax services and try to send the fax programmatically,
sending doesnt work
(error at the line with the method ...ConnectedSubmit ...). I receice also
an error, when i try to connect me to
the fax server with faxserver.connect("Servername")

Any idea? Thanks in advance for tips and / or good links.

Best regards

Peter Haider



Renu Bhattar [MSFT]

What is the error that you get when you call faxserver.connect?


Renu Bhattar [MSFT]

Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Faxing
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