Add a shared XP client to a Windows 2000 Fax server

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Derek Vincent via

Hello, we have a server that is setup as a Windows 2000 Fax server and we
are trying to connect a windows XP Pro client to the share fax.

This is not a SBS 2000 server... I have looked at the KB articles on this
and we have the fax service installed on the clients. The issues we have is
when we go to the server and try to connect to the shared fax printer it
tell us that we need to install the driver. So we yes... then we get an
error that is as follows:

"The server for the 'Windows NT FAX Driver' printer does not have the
correct printer driver installed. If you want to search for the proper
driver, clock OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and contact you network
administrator or original equipment manufacturer for the correct printer

All of our machines are laptops with modems and are XP PRO SP2.





Hal Hostetler [MVP S/U]

Unless this server is running a version of SBS, or is using the Windows
Server 2003 operating system, the fax service is not sharable. The Windows
XP fax service will not work with any shared fax service but SBS or Server

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