Windows VISTA - 64-bit prefetchable BARs a Must for Logo ?



We are designing a PCI Express Device.

In the Windows Logo Program Device Requirements 3.04 Document it is
mentioned that PCI Express Memory BARs to be 64-Bit if they are
Prefetchable. It means that if I implement my Memory BARs as
Prefetchable it should be 64-Bit. This implies that I can have 32-Bit
non Prefetchable Memory BARs.

In the PPT PCI Express In Depth for windows Vista and Beyond , it is
mentioned that it is mandatory to provide PCI Express 64-Bit
Prefetchable BARs.

The Information given in the 3.04 doc & PPT are contradictory.

Can anyone clarify this ?


Manikandan C



Henk Baaij

ik heb een 64 bit pc, maar kan windows vista 64 bit niet installeren. weet
iemand daar raad op.
met vriendelijke groet,
Henk Baaij.

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