Windows Updates lost all email



I downloaded and installed the lastest Critical Updates
yesterday as well as some other updates for XP. The
customer lost all her email in Outlook Express. The
folders and address book are still there, just no
messages. I copied and pasted the following from her
installation history for Windows updates. Her version of
Outlook Express is 6.00.2800.1123. Help!!!

Creative Technology Ltd. multimedia software update
released on September 22 2003.

DirectX 9.0b End-User Runtime
Update for Windows XP Service Pack 1 (KB810243)

Q327405: Recommended Update (Windows XP Professional)Read

Q322011: Recommended Update

Recommended Update for Windows XP SP1 (817778)

Update for Microsoft Windows XP (KB826942)

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service
Pack 1 (KB832894)

PA Bear

To assure a clean install, your anti-virus application should be disabled
and all other running processes (e.g., Outlook Express) closed before going
to Windows Update and when downloading/installing from any MS page.

The missing mail may not be related to the updates. Start here:

DBXtend (additional functionality)

DBXpress (faster, more powerful, with even greater functionality)
For lost Inbox messages:
Inbox.dbx is damaged. Close OE and then Move Inbox.dbx from your store
folder ( to another Windows
(not OE) folder and run any of the above applications on the moved file. (A
new, empty Inbox.dbx will be created when you next open OE.)

Other folders:
Close OE. Move the associated DBX file(s) to another Windows folder and run
any of the above applications on the moved file. If one of the above
applications successfully recovers any messages, count yourself fortunate.
Do *not* import the messages from the moved DBX file back into OE!
Recovered messages may be dragged into an open OE folder, but...

Don't use Inbox or Sent Items to archive messages. Move them to local
folders created for this purpose.

Disable Background Compacting and frequently perform a manual compact of all
OE folders while "working offline". More at

Your anti-virus application's email scanning feature can also cause such
corruption. Disable it. It provides no additional protection.
OE6-specific newsgroup:

HTH...Please post back to this thread

~Robear Dyer (aka PA Bear)

Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet

MS04-004/02 Feb-04 Cumulative Patch for IE

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