windows update port



I got a private network administrated by a Debian firewall/server.
Wich ports do I have to open on the firewall (iptables) to permit the
clients to execute Windows update?
Note that the clients doesn't execute updates manually via browser: I
enabled the automatic update function from the "security control center"
I suppose, uses a different port instead of 80 tcp.

Besides, I'd like to open the right port exclusively regarding the
Microsoft-update-servers. Because there's more than one server avaible, can
someone please provide me a list of all Microsoft update servers?
Something like:

Is there some other one I forgot?

Best regard and thank you in advance.



Steven L Umbach

I believe it does use port 80 TCP. If that does not work check your firewall
logs for outbound deny entries from a client that is attempting to do
updates. I have never seen a list of IP addresses. You could try doing
nslookup for the websites you are interested in adding. Try nslookup
multiple times to see if the list changes however for a website. --- Steve

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