Windows Service Ports needed to open for Drive Mapping?



Hello everyone :)

I'm trying to map a drive to a server that sits behind a
cisco pix firewall.

If I open up all tcp and udp ports on the firewall, then I
was able to map the drive, but that leaves me open.

I thought I had to open port 135/137/138/139 tcp/udp for
Windows services, but that didn't work, so I opened them
all and then it worked. Now I just need to know what the
correct ports are for remote drive mapping so I can
tighten down the security on my cisco pix firewall.

The server we are mapping to is a Windows 2003 server Web

Thanks in advance!!




How do you map the drives? IP address? 137,138 and 139 are NetBios 137(name
service) 138 (datagram service) and 139 session service.

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